Hello, my name is Julian Valencia. I am a portrait, wedding & lifestyle photographer based in Haymarket, VA.

I'm a published photographer with extensive studio work in the Beauty / Portraiture genres.
My attention to detail and self criticism has led me to wedding photography.  
I started photography back in 1997 as a high school internship in New York City.  After the internship
was over I ended up pursuing other hidden talents.  While in college I felt my life needed a drastic
change and I joined the MARINES in 2003.  I did the G.I. Joe thing for a couple of years, traveled the world
and settled down in Northern, VA.  Currently residing in the Tampa Bay Area.

Publications / Featured
  • Marika Magazine
  • LYUN Magazine
  • Vogue Inspire Magazine
  • Vogue Italia
  • FStoppers
  • 500px
  • Loudoun Times